Throwing Darts With One Eye Closed

A foot in the door

This February, I acquired a client by asking whether or not they had done any front end work on understanding their audience and developing specific customer journeys pertaining to specific buyer personas… They were paying an agency to do their digital marketing lead by one question: what industry are you in? “Finance,” responded my client. The agency then took that broad answer and applied a cookie-cutter display advertising strategy that returned no results for my now-client.

Why This question?

You can throw all the money you want at SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, etc but without really understanding to whom you need to be talking and how exactly to talk to them it is like throwing darts with one eye closed; you may hit the board but you’re most likely not hitting the bullseye you could be. In the age of digital, implementing a strategy based on a single aspect of that establishment (a broad business categorization- “Finance,” in this case) is a perfect setup for inefficient ad spend, inaccurate targeting, and ultimately poor conversion rates.

Client acquisition

Initial steps to acquire clients with this deep-digging, back to the building blocks approach include a free consultation (foot in the door) and securing a small retainer (subsidize investment in ourselves while we build the revenue-generating marketing assets that will soon prosper).

Once we have proven our value at a low cost, we come back and say “time to pay for what you’re getting”- the ROI is obvious and trust in our performance in established. Thus, a new client wrapped around our finger.