Putting our projects in position for the adjacent possible

If anyone asks “why are you wasting your time on that?” You can attempt to quiet their negativity with the answer:

“Because I am putting myself in the position for the adjacent possible.”

What does the adjacent possible mean ?  It means a lot.  And basically it means that good ideas come from advancing the ball.  Doing.  Prototyping.  Testing.  When we do (instead of just talk or plan) we put our projects in a place for improvement and launch.

In the tech world, they are big on MVP – Minimal Variable Product.  “a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development.”

This is what we do at Rolling Thunder.  We put projects in motion.  When we are in motion we are able to take advantage of the adjacent possible.


Steven Johnson’s book detailing the adjacent possible

A great review of Steven Johnson’s book can be found here.