Help wanted: Process Manager to help people turn their idea into a finished product

Rolling Thunder Review is looking for an experienced professional who is good at helping college aged interns stay on task and meet deadlines.

Chance to give life long lessens learned in a no pressure environment.  Ideal candidate will have no boss and no TPS reports.  Process Manager will be given total freedom to scratch the entrepreneurial itch without having to invent something or sell it, while providing the rush that comes with helping others turn their idea (or yours?) into a selling product.

Most communication will be by telephone or other method most productive for Process Manager.  No cube or conference room work, unless desired.  Can manage remotely.

Senior mentor can advise entrepreneurs from wherever it best suits them.

This is fun.  Kids can be fun. 

Two college entrepreneurs appreciating advice and direction from a mentor who has shipped.

Here’s a chance to give back and help young kids realize their own contribution to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Pay is $0.00 per hour, yet with equity earning (or giving) potential with Shark Tank negotiating skills intact.