Is it time to start a two person media production team?

In this age where activated events are so easily reported on social media, there is an increasing need for companies big and small to be able to share really good content with their fans, followers, and prospects.  Rolling Thunder Review is looking to help a small team (two people to start) build their own media production company.  

We have instant work available.

We don’t want to hire an existing media company to capture our activations.  Why?

  1.  Many of our projects are just getting off the ground (ie, we are bootstrapping).
  2.  We love supporting college students (resume building, career building).
  3.  We believe (and have been proven) that college students are often more creative and capable than they may realize.
  4.  This is potentially a lot of fun.

So, here’s what we need.  TODAY.

  1.  Someone with really good video skills.  And this person has some decent equipment.
  2.  Someone with really good video editing skills.  Editing, compiling, capturing a story.  Extracting still shots from video, etc.
  3.  Their enthusiasm to work closely together, possibly starting their own media production company. 
  4.  A cool company name, logo, and mission statement (we will help you with this).

These two people will produce awesome content, and present it to our marketing team as well as our product innovators and brand developers.

College student with access to good equipment, capturing events for Rolling Thunder projects
College student editing content captured from activation events, ready to present to Rolling Thunder clients.
A little editing by a budding college student can go a long way towards producing a compelling 30 second shareable video via many media channels and outlets in the marketplace (without using terms like robust or optimize or disrupt).