Where are the entrepreneurs that want to get involved from the ground up?

Grit.  That’s the key.  Grit fuels it all.

  • Execution
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Presentations
  • Sales
  • Success
  • Fulfillment

Grit.  Give us Grit.  There are monumental opportunities for people with grit.  The rest can be learned.

Find us 3 entrepreneurial minded folks with grit.  We will show you 3 projects with which you can sink your teeth and learn the craft of entrepreneurship for yourselves.

Creating is contagious

Do you find yourself daydreaming about inventing a product or bringing something to others that nobody has seen before?


You are not alone.  Entrepreneurship works best when we can bounce off our ideas with other like minded folks.  We don’t all have to be sheep.  There’s more room for shepherds than ever before.  Creating is contagious and it’s more fun to share the process with others.